Walkthrough: Change Application Without Restarting CALLMaster Service

CALLMaster application (e.g. Voice Mail, Audiotex) can be update via either the CALLMaster Manager or the Main Window (non T1 systems only).  If you want the change to take effect without having to stop and restart the CALLMaster service, then use the CALLMaster Main Window to update the application.

During this walkthrough, you will learn to change the Application using the Main Window. The Application change can be applied to an individual line(s) or to all lines.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

Update Line Application via the CALLMaster Main Window.

Open the CALLMaster Main Window.

  1. First stop the line(s) that need to be changed. 
  2. Next highlight the port/line that you want to change then select the Port tab on the top and from the drop down list, select Change Application.  
  3. Restart the line(s).

Each line will need to be changed individually.

The change will be applied to the next call made to the line.

TIP: Use this method to set a line to Voice Mail to make recordings without have to stop the entire CALLMaster service.