CALLBasic Command - FaxSend

Command: FaxSend
Description: Schedule a document to be faxed to the number called. For this command to work, you must have the necessary CALLMaster license with fax support, plus an optional fax board properly installed, configured, and tested. CALLMaster returns the fax send status in system variable $faxsent.
Format: FaxSend docID phonenum car
  Parameter Type Description
  docID Integer  The key of a Record in the fax database that describes which document to send.
  phonenum String The phone number is used only for reference purposes and not to make a call.  
This field can be null if faxing to the same number that the call is connected to as part of the Out Dial.
  car   Returns the Dialogic call result (see Appendix B).


FaxSend doc callernumber car



        phonenum = "919145551212"
        docID = 1
        Print "sending Fax 1"
        FaxSend docID phonenum CAR
        Print "CAR - "
        Print CAR
        ‘This will fax the document from the Fax table whose Fax ID is referenced in the variable docID.
        ' The phonenum variable in this command is for reference purposes only and not to make the call.  The document will be faxed to the phone number called.
        'Upon determining the results of the call it will place the Dialogic call result in the variable CAR.

For details on faxing see CALLMaster Fax Support