CALLMaster Installation and Setup - Installing CALLMaster

Download Required Software.

Your computer must be running Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 or 2003/2008 server.  Additionally, you should have downloaded the required software from SpeechSoft Downloads

This should include:

1.       Prerequisite Software (required for Windows XP only)

- Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

2.       Dialogic Software (Board Drivers or HMP Drivers)

3.       CALLMaster Software which includes SQL Express 2008.


The CALLMaster installation is divided in to three (3) steps. 

Step 1:    CALLMaster Prerequisite Software Installation

Step 2:    Dialogic Software              

Step 3:    CALLMaster Software Installation


NOTE: As both CALLMaster and Dialogic runs as a service, it is very important to install both using the Administrator account from a local console. 

If you are using remote terminal services, you must access the console session 0 to install.  To do so, at a command prompt type c:\>"mstsc /console" to connect to the console session.


If you are integrating with a telephone network, download and review the CALLMaster Installation Guide (pdf) or CALLMaster Setup Instructions (rtf).

For IP network integration, see CALLMaster IP Installation Guide (pdf) or CALLMaster IP Setup Instructions (pdf).