Logging and Tracking Activity - Using SR Result Log Table

This table is used to log Speech Recognition (SR) results.

CALLMaster is shipped with the SRResultLog disabled. To activate SR reults logging, using the CALLMaster Manager, select Parameters | System and add the codes 'SRL' to the 'System Settings' field.  To disable, just delete the code 'SRL'.

Note: Once activated the SRResultLog will start collecting data records. It is the Administrators responsibility to periodically archive data and remove records from the log. Otherwise the size of the database could grow to a size that inhibits proper operation of the system.

Each SR event logged is assigned a unique Recognition Event Id, , , , engine confidence score, the required confidence set for the word (1 Low, 0 Medium, 1 high), SAPI returned Confidence, the name of the file in the SRAudioArchive that has the speech, the port number on the system, and date and time of recognition.

Each SR event is stored in the table SRResultLog. Each event record contains the following information:

Field Name Description
RecognitionEventID Unique ID for activity event
XMLGrammar XML Grammar file used for this recognition
PropVal Property ID from XMLGrammar file or value returned ** Failed ** if not recognized
WordsRecognized Text of the recognized word
EngineConfidence Engine confidence score
RequiredConfidence The requied confidence -1 Low, 0 Medium, 1 high
SAPIConfidence SAPI returned Confidence
AudioFileName The name of the file in the SRAudioArchive that has the speech
Notes Port
SRTime Date and time of recognition