Managing Out Dial - Via the OutcallSchedule Table - Number To Dial; Dialing Prefix, Area Code, Phone Number


Type: String

Input: User defined for application processing
You have three fields to enter the phone number for CALLMaster to make the call.
Fields are, dialing prefix, area code, and phone number.
fields are used in conjunction with some System Parameters to provide maximum dialing flexibility. The components of the phone number are dialed in the following order. CALLMaster first compares the area code to the ‘System’s Area Code’ to determine whether the call is local or long distance. Then it dials either the ‘Local Dialing Prefix,’ or the ‘Long Distance Dialing Prefix.’ Next it dials the dialing prefix. If the call is long distance (area code not equal to ‘System’s Area Code’) it dials the area code. The phone number is dialed last. If you want CALLMaster to wait for a dial tone before attempting the call, then have the first character of the dial string be either a ‘L’ for regular dial tone, ‘I’ for International dial tone, or ‘X’ for special dial tone.

Output: CALLMaster returns the value of these three fields in system variables $dialprefix, $areacode, $phonenum