Voice Mail - Getting Started

If the Port application is set to Voice Mail, a caller will:

  1. Be forwarded to the associated Audiotex Start Module (default Module # 2).   The caller will hear the time of day greeting as set on the ports table (Greeting File IDs) since the Label field for the default Audiotex Module # 2 contains flag 'PTODG';
  2. Hear the main Voice Mail greeting (prompt 10) ‘Please enter a box number or press 2 for a directory. Press * to log in or hold on to leave a message’. If you have the fax/voice board and wish to receive inbound faxes, you may wish to modify this prompt to include ‘If you wish to send a fax, press start on your fax machine now’.
    1. If the caller enters a mailbox number, he/she will hear the greeting recorded by the mailbox owner. The mailbox owner’s greeting can prompt the caller to:
      1. Do nothing and leave a message at the end of the greeting; or
      2. Press 2 during the greeting for beeper notification. If option 2 is selected then:
        1. CALLMaster will play prompt 321 ‘Enter the phone number then press star’. The System Administrator needs to record this prompt;
        2. A beeper type notification record must be created for use of this option;
      3. Press 3 during the greeting to receive fax document to mailbox. (Only available with purchase of CALLMaster Fax Software License and Dialogic Fax Board). If option 3 is selected then:
        1. Fax document is saved in the CALLMaster \Fax\Received folder using the mailbox number subfolder.
        2. The MailboxActivityLog and the FaxReceived tables will record the activity if the Activity Log tables are enabled. Learn more.
      4. Press 4 during the greeting to transfer to another number. If option 4 is selected then:
        1. CALLMaster will transfer caller to Attendant record whose ID is specified in mailbox Settings field (EXTattid – see Settings field for details).
    2. If the caller selects 2 for a directory, he/she will be prompted to key in some or all of the person’s last name for a matching entry in the voice mail directory. This directory listing is created based on the last name field or as keyed in during the set personal options menu;
    3. The caller can press star to log in; or
    4. If the caller does not choose any of the options above, then CALLMaster will direct caller to the leave a message for or fax document to the Default Mailbox set-up in the Voice Mail Parameters.

Email Notification of Messages or Faxes

If you have activated email in CALLMaster (see Activating Email) and the mailbox receiving the message or fax has been set-up with an address in the Email field, CALLMaster will automatically send an email to that address.  The email will be sent as defined by the Mode set in the System Parameter #30 - 'MAPI Profile'.