Voice Mail - Main Menu - Administrator Options - Features
- ‘1’ Create A Box

Press one from the Administrator menu to create a box. You will be prompted for a mailbox number to create. Enter the box number; after it is played back, press one (1) to approve, two (2) to replay, or three (3) to redo.

You will also be prompted for a password of zero to four digits. You must end this entry with a star (*). The box ‘Type’ created in this way is a ‘User’ mailbox. The parameters for mailboxes created in this way are taken from the default mailbox, which (unless it has been changed) is 0000. To have ‘dummy’ mailboxes for different box types, create those boxes then set the ‘Default Account’ parameter (see the chapter on System Parameters entitled ‘Operating CALLMaster’ for more information) to the mailbox you would like to copy.