Voice Mail - Main Menu - Review Messages


‘Review Messages’ is the voice mail feature you will probably use most. CALLMaster gives you complete and precise control over message playback, selection, and management. You may control message playback by pausing, rewinding, or fast-forwarding. You may choose to hear the first message or the last message. There are powerful message management capabilities including: delete, save, time-stamp, and reply. As a default, messages will be played back starting with the oldest first. If you want ‘new’ messages to be played first, in order of receipt, then set the Mailbox Settings field to ‘NMF’. You may also review ‘saved’ or ‘deleted’ messages. While listening to a message, you can press ** to transfer to the called party via the message’s caller id if available or by entering a number. Not available for ‘Announcement’ Type mailboxes.

See Features for detail message review capabilities