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- ‘5’ Change Directory Listing

The mailbox owner's directory is for callers who do not know your mailbox number. They will hear your recorded ‘name file id’, and be able to hear your 'mailbox #', or go directly to your box, where they will hear your personal greeting and be able to leave a message. CALLMaster stores the touch-tone numbers that represent the letters of your name, not the actual letters. Because each number represents three letters, some names may be the same to CALLMaster; for example, both ‘Adams’ and ‘Beans’ are spelled ‘23267’. If callers enter only part of the name, CALLMaster will present all the names that match to that point. To change the spelling of your name for purposes of the box holder directory, press five (5) from the personal options menu. First listen to your current directory listing, then enter a new one followed by the star (*). After you spell the new directory listing, you will be prompted to approve, listen to, or redo; you must approve the new directory listing for it to take effect. If you decide not to change your current listing, or just want to hear it, press the pound key (#) to exit this option.