Mailbox Greetings, Names and Audiotex Module Recording Files

All Mailbox name and greeting recordings, all Attendant name and alternate message recordings, and all Audiotex module message recordings are stored in the grt’ folder. 

These recordings are identified by their IDs, a number from 1000 through 99,999. They are subdivided into groups of 120 files in subfolders named 8 and higher as needed. 

Audio Message ID to File Name translation

To translate between an audio message ID number and an actual file on your computer use the following algorithm:

o    The subfolder number is the whole number part of the MSGID# divided by 120.

-    Formula: Subfolder# = WH where WH is the whole number part of MSGID# divided by 120.

-    Example: MSGID 1017 is in subfolder ‘8’ of folder ‘grt’ (‘grt/8’) because 8 is the whole number part of 1017/120 = 8.475

o    The file number for a MSGID is the MSGID# minus the subfolder# multiplied by 120.

-    Formula: File# = MSGID# minus (subfolder# multiplied by 120)

-    Example: MSG ID# 1017 will be in a file named ‘57’ (57.wav if wave is enabled) in the grt\8 folder (1017 – (8x120)) = 57   

So an Audiotex Message ID number 1017 is file ‘C:/Program Files/CALLMaster/grt/8/57’ (57.wav if extension is used)


If you have enabled CALLMaster for multi-lingual support then you should create sub-folder for each language identifier.

See Appendix E – Multi-Lingual Support for details.