Voice Mail Messages And CALLBasic Script Recordings

These files are in the ‘CALLMaster/Vox’ folder.

They are subdivided into groups of 120 files in subfolders named 833 and higher as needed.

All mailbox messages have a MSG ID and the recordings are stored in the ‘Vox’ folder. The values for messages are 100,000 and higher.

To translate between a voice message MSG ID number and an actual file on your computer use the following algorithm:

o    The subfolder number is the whole number part of the MSGID# divided by 120.

-    Formula: Subfolder# = WH where WH is the whole number part of MSGID# divided by 120

-    Example: MSGID 100,029 is in subfolder ‘833’ of folder ‘Vox’ because 833 is the whole number part of 100029/120 = 833.455

o    The file number for a MSGID is the MSGID# minus the subfolder# multiplied by 120.

-    Formula: File# = MSGID# - (subfolder# * 120)

-    Example: MSG ID# 100029 will be in file ‘69’ (69.wav if wave enabled) in the Vox\833 folder (100029 – (833 x120)) = 69

So a voice mail message MSG ID number 100,029 is file ‘C:/Program Files/CALLMaster/Vox/833/69’ (69.wav if is used)