Anti-Virus Software Conflict

Most anti-virus software lock the files while they are checking for viruses.  Conflict could arise when both the anti-virus software and CALLMaster require exclusive control of the CALLMaster database or any of the files in the CALLMaster folder.   This will probably cause the CALLMaster service to crash.

If you need to run anti-virus software on the CALLMaster PC, you have two alternatives:

  1. Exclude the CALLMaster folder from the set of files scanned by the anti-virus software.
  2. Schedule the anti-virus software to run while CALLMaster service has been stopped. The anti-virus can be scheduled to run off hours, stopping the CALLMaster service before running the anti-virus and restarting the CALLMaster service on completion of the anti-virus check.  You can use the CMStop.cmd and CMStrat.cmd in the CALLMaster/Bin folder to set-up this process.


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