Managing Attendant - Additional Settings - When Retry Fails

If the ‘Failed Transfer Action’ ‘Retry’ fails, take one of the following actions:

Action Description
Default Message Plays this predetermined message: ‘extension’ ‘[Attendant ID]’ ‘can not be reached’ (prompts 510 and 511) and then plays prompt 519 (‘press one for further Attendant options’).
Alternate Attendant Uses the Attendant record specified by the ‘Alt Attendant ID’.
Mailbox Allows the caller to leave a message for the box holder specified in the Attendant field ‘Mailbox’.
Alternate Message Play the ‘Alt Message ID’ associated with this ‘Attendant ID’ and ‘time of day’ (which is recorded via the system administrator's on-line menu, option 9).
Retry Continue trying until successful for the number of attempts specified in the ‘Retry Attempts’ field.
Audiotex Direct the call to the Audiotex module specified for this phone port as the ‘Audiotex Start Module’ in the ‘Phone Ports’ database.
Audiotex  Module ID Direct the caller to a specific Audiotex module.