Managing Attendant - Attendant ID

The touch-tone input to be entered by the caller in response to the Attendant menu options.

When CALLMaster plays the main Attendant menu options via prompt 505, it is requesting a touch-tone response from the caller. That touch-tone response will be matched up against an Attendant ID. The Attendant ID represents a record in the Attendant database. It may be the same number as the extension to reach or it may be the number of a menu choice; for example, ‘press 5 for the service department’ may transfer to extension ‘123’.

A single extension may be reached by many Attendant IDs. If the caller does not enter anything, CALLMaster uses Attendant ID zero (0). It is imperative that you create a record zero (0) for callers that do not enter something, use rotary phones, or are familiar with automated Attendants and want to talk to a human. Most people in this situation will dial zero (0), so make an appropriate Attendant ID record.