CALLMaster Tour - CALLBasic

CALLBasic is a powerful scripting language that enhances your ability to interact with the caller via Audiotex. It enables you to compute information, interface with and manage databases, execute third party programs and manage call control. If you are planning on developing interactive applications, please read more about CALLBasic. For sample applications and scripts, refer to Sample Applications & Scripts

End of CALLMaster Tour

Our tour of CALLMaster is now over. As you get to work with the software, you will discover the many tools you have at your disposal. You'll also learn tricks on how to make your system tighter, better, and more efficient. Remember that if you have problems, you should check troubleshooting and FAQ sections of the individual chapters associated with the different CALLMaster tables. They might answer your questions for you. If not, SpeechSoft Technical Support is there for you!