CALLMaster Tour - Log in to CALLMaster

Before proceeding, make sure you have installed CALLMaster and validated the installation.

To log in to CALLMaster, call the phone line connected to CALLMaster. CALLMaster will answer, greet you, and play the voice mail main menu. Make sure you know your mailbox number and password and it has been set-up by the administrator.  CALLMaster ships with Administrator mailbox 0000 and password 0000.

The pound key (#) can be used to back up CALLMaster one menu at a time, finally exiting altogether. Except for Browsing Mailboxes (BRS), only one user can log in to the mailbox at a time. Second caller attempting to log in will hear prompt 391 “Mailbox Busy. Try again later”. That’s it. Give it a try.

Log In to Your Mailbox

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Call CALLMaster. When you hear the main greeting 'Please enter a box number, or press two for a directory.  Press star to log in, or hold on to leave a message', press star (*) to log in to a mailbox.
  2. Enter your box number and password, then press star (*).

First Time Log In

If this is your first time logging in, you will hear the new box holder's prompt, which is ‘Welcome to voice mail. I'll prompt you (etc.).’
Follow the instructions to record your Greeting, your Name, and to spell your name with touch-tones for the Directory Listing. Remember to select 1 to approved your entries. 

Mailbox # And Password
Your mailbox is identified by a mailbox number and protected by a password. After your first log in, the mailbox record will also have two recordings from you--your ‘name’ and ‘greeting’, as well as the spelling of your name for use in the directory. You have the ability to change everything but your box number; your system administrator can do that for you. Your box number is four digits long, but your password can be zero to four digits. You must signal the end of your password by pressing the star key (*), even if your password has four digits. If CALLMaster does not recognize your mailbox number or password, it will ask you to try again. If you ever have trouble entering your mailbox number and password, try a slightly longer tone on the first digit of your mailbox number. Once you have logged in, CALLMaster will give you the number of new messages, saved messages, new faxes and saved faxes you have, except if your box Type is Announcement (Announcement mailboxes cannot receive or send messages). If your box Type is Announcement you will be played the Personal Options menu.

Mailbox Greeting and Name
Your Greeting is played for outside callers.
Your Name is used to identify you to your fellow box holders, and is played when callers enter your name in the Voice Mail directory.
Both are easily changed whenever you want; for instructions see Voice Mail - Set Personal Options. The prompts will tell you when to start recording, and how to stop recording; and then how to save, replay, or redo your recording. CALLMaster uses a short recording tone to indicate when recording starts and stops.

Mailbox Directory Listing
During your first log in, you will also be prompted to spell your last name, for use in the box holder directory. Use the touch-tone keys to spell your name (use ‘7’ for ‘Q,’ and ‘9’ for ‘Z’). Then you will be prompted to approve, hear, or redo the spelling; remember that the system will read back numbers, not letters. When a caller uses the Voice Mail directory, and spells your name, he will hear your recorded Name.

If you do not want CALLMaster to prompt you for your name, greeting and directory listing the first time you log in, use the ‘NGN’ flag in the Mailbox Settings field or in the ‘Default Flags’ field of the Voicemail Parameters

Subsequent Log In Attempts

After you have made the recordings or on subsequent log in attempts, once you have you logged in to your mailbox, you will hear the message count and the voice mail menu ‘Press one to review messages, two to send a message, or three to set personal options.’.  Select the option desired and follow the options provided.

Administrator Options Menu

The advanced features of CALLMaster are available by logging in to a mailbox with Administrator privileges. Log in as above then press * for the Administrator Options when you hear the voice mail menu ‘Press one to review messages, two to send a message, or three to set personal options’.  You will not be prompted for this input.


If you were able to accomplish the above steps, then your CALLMaster installation is successful!

You may test out your mailbox, or press pound (#) to exit your mailbox.


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