Faxes - Inbound - FaxReceived Table.

This table is used to log all incoming faxes. The fax document file is stored in the CALLMaster\Fax\Received folder in the receiving Mailbox's sub-folder.


Field Name Description
FaxID Unique ID for activity event
Type Fax type (1=ASCII, 2=RAW, 3=Tif)
Resolution 1=Fine (200 x 200); 2=Regular (200 x 100)
Pages Number of pages received
Status 1=Received OK, -1= Receive Failed, 2=Saved
Seconds The length of the call in seconds
DateTimeReceived Date and Time fax was received
DateTimeDeleted Date and Time fax was deleted (auto set to 2 months unless saved)
FileName Full path name of file faxed
From Name of the sending fax along with any caller id
Account Account number containing the receiving mailbox # or ‘FILE’ if fax received to file
Comments Field not currently used
Flags Field not currently used