Faxes - Outbound

Faxes can be sent using custom Audiotex/ CALLBasic applications or via OutcallSchedule functionality. Documents can be faxed directly to the fax machine from where the call was made supporting one-call faxing, or ask the caller to input the fax number to be called back at, supporting two-call faxing.

Fax Document Type

Documents to be faxed must be in TIF, ASCII or RAW file format.  You can create documents in the required format by:

- Using the Faxc.exe Program to Convert Documents to Fax Format.

- Using Manual Fax Control to Capture Fax Documents.

You can download the Fax Test Document as a sample document.


Fax Out Capabilities

Documents can be faxed out by using either:

  1. The FaxSend CALLBasic Command, or
  2. Out Dial Faxing.


Same-Call Vs. Two-Call Faxing

There are two ways you can send a fax to a caller:

  1. Same-call fax. The caller calls from a fax machine and presses the start key to initiate the fax signal. The fax goes out on the current connection.

  2. Two-call fax. Via an Audiotex script, the caller enters the desired fax number. This then triggers a separate call made by the system to fax out the desired document.

CALLMaster faxing currently supports Same-call fax using the Dialogic Fax board. You would develop an Audiotex module to support Two-call fax via the Out Dialing capability.