Managing Faxes - Outbound

The Fax table identifies, locates and describes a file that is to be faxed using the CALLBasic FaxSend command. Important parameters are graphic format, document number, and file name. Create a single record in the database for each document to be faxed. The image to be faxed was either, received as a fax previously and saved as a DOS file, or created by scanning or desktop publishing. Files to be faxed must be ASCII, TIF or PCX files.

TIF files can be made in two ways: (download Fax Support from SpeechSoft Download Page.)

  1. By faxing a document into the fax board residing in the PC and saving the file as a .RAW or .TIF.
  2. By saving a document as a .RAW file. Many graphics and word processing programs can save files in either TIF or PCX format. By creating the documents on a PC that has a fax board in it, you can usually print to the fax driver as your printer. Preview the fax (with no cover sheet) and then save the previewed file as a .RAW file.

You can configure the Fax table using the CALLMaster Manager

Each record contains information about the document or graphic: its type, resolution, and other pertinent header and cover page information. Fax support requires the fax license of CALLMaster plus a Dialogic board that supports fax.


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Managing Faxes