Logging and Tracking Activity - Using CallLog Table

CALLMaster is shipped with the CallLog table enabled. To disable logging to the CallLog table, using the CALLMaster Manager, select Parameters | System and add the flag 'CLO' to the 'System Settings' field (#26).  To enable, just delete the flag 'CLO'.

Note: Once activated the CallLog will start collecting data records. It is the Administratorís responsibility to periodically archive data and remove records from the log. Otherwise the size of the database could grow to a size that inhibits proper operation of the system.

At the end of each call, a record is written out to the CallLog table and contains the following information:

CRN Call Reference Number (used for CALLMasterIP only)
StartTime Time the call started
Port Port # that answered the call
Calls Total calls answered on this port since CALLMaster service startup
CallerID Caller ID as supplied by the telco
DNIS Number Dialed
StartApplication Starting application
StartModule Starting Audiotex Module
LengthSecs Length of call in seconds
Termination Reason call ended (e.g Call Ended; Hangup)
EndModule Last Audiotex Module
Data CALLBasic script supplied data in variable 'CallLogData'
Notes CALLBasic script supplied data in variable 'CallLogNotes'
PortsActive Number of currently active ports
PortUtilization Port utilization (percent)
DailyActivePeak Daily peak of port activity
DailyActivePeakTime Time of port activity peak
SystemActivePeak Port activity peak since last start
SystemActivePeakTime Time of port activity peak since last start
SystemTotalCalls Total calls answered by the system
SystemTotalRejected Total calls rejected by the system