Out Dial


CALLMaster Out Dial application allows you to make telephone calls to a list of phone numbers that have been loaded into the system, and deliver and/or collect information or send a fax. The information delivered can be a simple message or a complex scripted conversation in Audiotex. Each phone number can be directed to a specified port or to the next available port. Each port can concurrently run a different Out Dialing program if desired by setting it to a different Application and setting the numbers to be called to a specific port.  Alternatively, a number can use any available port and run a specific application based on the data in its 'Audiotex Module' field.

Calls are initiated on any available port regardless of the application type as long as the Outbound indicator is enabled for that port. Out Dialing uses phone numbers scheduled to be called on the CALLMaster OutcallSchedule table. The OutcallSchedule table is used to enter and track numbers for CALLMaster to call.

Separate Database for the OutcallSchedule tables

The OutcallSchedule and OutcallScheduleCompleted tables can be in a database separate from the CALLMaster database if required.

 CALLMaster allows you to set-up a connection string to point to any database desired. These connection strings must be set-up in the registry where the CALLMaster DB connection settings is, and called OutcallScheduleConnectString and OutcallScheduleCompletedConnectString.

To set-up these strings, use the regedit command, select My Computer / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software /CALLMaster, then right click on CALLMaster and select New | Key and enter in the connection string.

Activating Out Dial

To activate Out Dialing, you need to set a flag "ODS" in the System Parameter 'System Setting' field.  This flag initiates the OutcallSchedule Dispatcher. The OutcallSchedule Dispatcher is a program running continuously  in the background, that initiates outbound calls and manages the records to be called in the OutcallSchedule table.

To activate Out Dialing, open the CALLMaster Manager, select Parameters then System and add code "ODS" in the 'System Settings' field.  To disable Out Dialing, remove the flag from the field.

NOTE:-CALLMaster service will need to be stopped and started to activate Out Dial.

Initiating a Call.

There are several System Parameters and OutcallSchedule table fields that the Dispatcher uses to initiate calls.
The dispatcher first checks the System Parameter ‘Start Calling at’ and ‘Stop Calling at’ to schedule outbound calls.  If the current time falls between these 2 parameters then the call will be attempted. The dispatcher will also check the date and time set-up in the StartDateTime, Expires, EarliestHour and LatestHour fields for each record on the OutcallSchedule table to make sure the call can be initiated. 

When the call is connected, CALLMaster goes to the Audiotex Start Module specified for the phone port or Audiotex Module field in the OutcallSchedule record for the individual phone number in use.

If the call does not connect (receives busy or no answer) then CALLMaster will retry the call based values in the retry fields.

Managing Out Dial

There are several ways that you can load/import numbers and manage the data.  See Managing Out Dial for details.