Out Dial - Input Templates - Spreadsheet with Fixed Settings

Use this template (ODS-Load-SpreadsheetWithFixedSettings.xls) if you only want to load a Dial Prefix with the required 10 digit phone number and use fixed settings for all the numbers (e.g. play the same message for all numbers).

This is an MS Excel spreadsheet and contains the following fields:

Field Description
ID A sequential number that increments by 1 from the previous record.
DialPrefix The string required by your phone lines or PBX to dial a number (e.g. 9 for an outside line)
AreaCode The desired 3-digit area code
PhoneNumber The 7-digit phone number

Your file might look like the spreadsheet below:

ID Dial Prefix AreaCode PhoneNumber
1 9, 914 5551212
2 9,1, 718 1234567