Voice Mail - Main Menu - Administrator Options - Features
- 8 Record Audiotex Messages

Press eight (8) from the administrator menu to record messages for Audiotex modules. After creating Audiotex modules through the Audiotex database, you may record the accompanying speech file. If you have set-up the system for multi-lingual capability then CALLMaster will play the current language id, then give you the opportunity to change the language id to the language for which you want to make the recording (for details see Multi-Lingual Support). You will be prompted to enter the Audiotex Module ID followed by the star key (*); if a speech file exists you will hear it; then, you will be prompted to record. Press the star (*) key to stop recording. The new Audiotex message will be accepted only if you press one (1) to accept. To escape without recording, press pound (#) key.