Voice Mail - Main Menu - Review Messages - Features

The basic Review Messages menu controls message playback, selection, and management. All of the options are available while you are listening to a message; all but the first three are available between messages. If the Mailbox is set for ‘Browse Only’ (Settings field has code ‘BRS’), then options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, * & # are available. You can always exit this menu by pressing the pound (#) key.

During message review, you can press 87 to slow playback, 88 to restore default and 89 to playback faster. (Currently not supported on Springware boards for wav files).

Option Description
1 Rewind
2 Pause
3 Fast Forward
4 Previous
5 Replay
6 Next
7 Save
8 ReplayMenu
9 Delete
0 Reply
* Additional Options