Managing Mailboxes - Range

You can manage a range of Mailbox records via the CALLMaster Manager | Manage | Mailboxes | Range function.

Enter the 'Add Mailbox Range' option, enter the 'Start Box No', the 'End Box No' to define the range, the 'Increment By' value  and the default values you want applied to all the mailboxes added in the selected range.

Click the 'Update' button to add the mailboxes in the selected range.

The Mailbox numbers will be incremented using the 'Increment By' value.  For example, if you set the 'Start Box No' = 2000, the 'End Box No' = 2020 and the 'Increment By' value = 5, you will add 5 mailboxes (2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020) to the Mailbox table.

NOTE: Mailbox Password will be set to the Mailbox Number.