Managing Mailboxes - Greeting File ID

The system file ID for this box's ‘greeting.’ The speech file is stored under the \Program Files\CALLMaster\grt\ subdirectory; integer division of the ID number by 120 gives the subdirectory number; modulo 120 of the ID number gives the file name. For example, you have speech file number 1203. You want to divide 1203 by 120 = 10.025. Therefore, the GRT subfolder is 10. The file number is calculated as (the speech file number – (the subfolder number * 120). So for speech file 1203 the calculation would be (1203-(10 * 120) = 3. The full path for speech file 1203 would be c:\Program Files\CALLMaster\GRT\10\3.

Uncheck 'locked' field to update the speech Greeting File ID.