Enhance customer relations by greeting and assisting callers in the language of their choice with CALLMaster's Multi-Lingual functionality.

CALLMaster can support Voice-Mail, Attendant and IVR applications in multiple languages as defined and set-up by the system administrator. Callers can then be given the option to select the language from the defined language set.

The system administrator can define multiple languages in the language set. The language set has to be defined in the System Parameters, the multi-lingual recording need to be made and the caller’s language selection needs to be processed via Audiotex CALLBasic scripts.

Mailbox Greetings, IVR recordings can easily be played in the language of the caller's choice.

Read the CALLMaster Multi-lingual Support (pdf) document for details.

Popular Uses

Deliver your application in multiple languages. Let your caller select the language of their choice.

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