Replacing CALLMaster Audio Files with Custom Recording Files

You can overlay any and all audio recordings in CALLMaster with custom recordings from any other source. In general wave format files recorded in the ‘11.025KHz Linear 8bit mono’ format can be simply copied over to the appropriate folders and they will replace the existing recording, if your hardware supports wave and the system parameter ‘Recording Format’ is set to ‘wav’.

First backup your system before proceeding.

Stop CALLMaster via ‘Control Panel’ or ‘Administrative Tools’ in Win 2000 \ ‘Services Window’ (or Task Manager if CALLMaster is not configured to run as a service).

Backup the current CALLMaster folder.

Select ‘CALLMaster’ folder in the ‘Program Files’ folder right click and choose ‘Copy’ then Select the ‘Program Files’ folder right click and choose ‘Paste’. A folder called ‘Copy of CALLMaster’ will be created and contain all the files needed for CALLMaster to be backed up. You can save that folder off-line for permanent backup or archive.


Recordings are kept in the following folders:
- System Prompts are in the ‘CALLMaster/pmt’ folder
- Mailbox Greetings, Names, and Audiotex Message Files are stored in the ‘CALLMaster/grt’ folder
- Voicemail message recordings and scripted record files are in the ‘CALLMaster/vox’ folder.