System Prompts

These files are in the ‘CALLMaster/Pmt’ folder.

They are subdivided into groups of 50 files in subfolders named ‘0’ through ‘11’ (up to 19 is allowed).

The system prompts are shipped with the CALLMaster software. They contain over 500 professionally recorded prompts and are the default voice of CALLMaster. This section of the CALLMaster manual lists each prompt with its Prompt Number and Text Spoken. The highest allowed prompt number allowed is 999 (folder 19).

Prompt Number to File Name translation

To translate between a Prompt number in the manual and an actual file on your computer use the following algorithm:

o    The subfolder number is the whole number part of the Prompt number divided by 50.

-    Formula: Subfolder# = WH where WH is the whole number part of Prompt# divided by 50

-    Example: Prompt# 175 is in subfolder ‘3’ of folder ‘pmt’ (‘pmt/3’) because 3 is the whole number part of 175/50 = 3.5

o    The file number for a prompt is the Prompt# minus the subfolder number multiplied by 50.

-    Formula: File# = Prompt# - (subfolder# * 50)

-    Example: Prompt# 175 will be a file named ‘25’ (25.wav if wave is enabled) in the pmt\3 folder (175 – (3x50) )= 25

So prompt number 175 is file ‘C:/Program Files/CALLMaster/pmt/3/25’ (25.wav if extension is used)


If you have enabled CALLMaster for multi-lingual support then you should create sub-folder for each language identifier.

See Appendix E – Multi-Lingual Support for details.