Running CALLMaster - Starting CALLMaster

CALLMaster runs as a system Service (a program run by your computer instead of a logged in user) on your computer.  Make sure your SQL Server is running and the CALLMasterSQL database is attached.

CALLMaster Service Start-Up Options

Via the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services Window.

You can set-up the CALLMaster service to start automatically, manually or via a scheduled task.  

  1. Start Automatically.  BY default, CALLMaster runs automatically every time your computer starts up. In turn, whenever CALLMaster starts up, it starts the Dialogic Driver Service, which controls the telephone board(s).
  2. Start Manually. To have CALLMaster start manually, open the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services window and highlight CALLMaster. Right click and choose ‘Properties’ then set ‘Startup Type’ to ‘Manual’.  You will now have to manually start the CALLMaster service  via the Services window by highlighting CALLMaster and selecting Action | Start.
  3. Start via a Schedule. To setup a schedule for CALLMaster, use the Windows task scheduler to run the CMStart.cmd command from the CALLMaster/Bin folder.

Via the CALLMaster Main Window or the CALLMaster Manager.

At any time, you can start the CALLMaster service by opening the CALLMaster Main Window or via the CALLMaster Manager Service Status bar.

Neither the Manager nor the Main Window need to be open for the CALLMaster service to run.  The current service status is reflected on both the Main Window and the Manager once the service is running.


NOTE: Running Anti-Virus software on the CALLMaster computer could interfere with and stop the CALLMaster service. See Anti-Virus Conflict for details.