Voice Mail - Main Menu - Administrator Options - Features
- ‘7’ Record Prompts

Press seven (7) from the administrator menu. If you have set-up the system for multi-lingual capability then CALLMaster will play the current language id, then give you the opportunity to change the language id to the language for which you want to make the recording (for details see Multi-Lingual Support). Any prompt on the system may be re-recorded to meet your special requirements. As prompt numbers can be up to three digits, you must press star (*) after the prompt number to indicate that your input is complete. You will hear the existing prompt, and then be prompted to record the prompt. You should press the star (*) key to stop recording. You might note that the next selection will be to accept (1), replay (2), or redo (3). You can skip the step involving pressing the star (*) key after recording by simply entering a one (1), two (2), or three (3). The new prompt will be accepted only if you press one (1) to accept. You can find the prompt number either in Appendix A, or by watching the system status screen while you are calling and going through the appropriate routine. If you find you do not want to record the prompt, you may press the pound (#) key to move back a step and escape recording.

Another way to change prompts is by simply replacing the files. This method should be used carefully and only by advanced users and those with good back-up habits! You need to know the path and filename of the source and destination files; then copy the source to the destination. For example, to make prompt 245 (‘Press star to repeat’) null (silent), copy prompt 0 (a null prompt) to prompt 245, by copying or moving the file ‘c:\Program Files\CALLMaster\pmt\0\0’ to the file ‘c:\Program Files\CALLMaster\pmt\4\45’

To find out the directory and filename for prompt files, divide the Prompt ID number by 50. Look at the whole component of the remainder, and that is the subfolder number. For example, you have prompt number 840. You want to divide 840 by 50 = 16.8. Therefore, the PMT subfolder is 16. The file number is calculated as (the prompt number – (the subfolder number * 50). So for prompt 840 the calculation would be (840-(16 * 50) = 40. The full path for prompt 840 would be c:\Program Files\CALLMaster\pmt\16\40.

Mailbox Greetings, Names and Audiotex Module recordings stored in the GRT folder and Mailbox message recordings stored in the VOX folder use a divisor of 120 instead of 50 as in the PMT folder. See Appendix A for more details.