Installing CALLMaster - Step 2: Dialogic Software - HMP Drivers

NOTE: As both CALLMaster and the Dialogic runs as a service, it is very important to install both using the Administrator account from a local console. 

If you are using remote terminal services, you must access the console session 0 to install.  To do so, at a command prompt type c:\>"mstsc /console" to connect to the console session.

To install and configure the Dialogic HMP software, continue with this Step.  If not then proceed to Step 3: CALLMaster Software Installation.

1. Download Dialogic HMP Software
The Dialogic HMP software must be installed on your system before installing CALLMaster in order for CALLMaster to work. You can download the HMP driver software from our website. 

  1. Create a new folder in My Documents – e.g. DialogicSetup.
  2. Download the driver zip file and save in the new DialogicSetup folder.

  3. Extract the files from the zip file to the folder DialogicSetup.

  4. Check that the DialogicSetup folder contains a new folder .\Dialogic\.  If not then repeat the Step 1.3.


2. Install Dialogic HMP Software

Open the DialogicSetup\Dialogic folder and run 'Setup.exe' to start the Dialogic HMP Software Installation

  1. A pop up message box prompts for the “Drive Letter to Install Dialogic System Software”.  By default “C:” is used and recommended for installation.
  2. The “Dialogic HMP Software Release” program starts:
    1. Click 'Next' to Continue.
    2. Choose Destination Location: default “C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP” is recommended.
    3. Select features:  Core Runtime Package, Demos are recommended.
    4. Accept third party software installation notice.
    5. Click 'Next' at the Select Program Folders keeping default value.
    6. Click 'Next' to Start Copying Files and start setup. 
    7. You will see a screen with the Setup Status screen.
    8. At the Setup Complete screen, it will request to restart the computer.  Choose ‘Yes’ to reboot and click 'Next'.  Make sure all programs are saved and closed before rebooting.


3. Configure Dialogic HMP Software
Once the Dialogic drivers are installed, an entry is created on your Start/Programs button for Dialogic HMP. Select option Configuration Manager (DCM).

  1. The DCM window will then display a message box to select the “Computer Name” to be configured.  The Local computer is selected by default (check Local if it is not selected) and click “Connect”.  The DCM will then go through the Detection phase and then display the HMP software components and display “Stopped” on the status line at the bottom of the window fig 2.1.
  2. Then, to complete the process, start the software by clicking the green right arrow on the tool bar or select Start/Start system (ctrl+R) from the file menu. When the start has completed, the System Status line will display “Running”.  You can then close or exit the DCM if desired leaving the service running. 
  3. To stop the Dialogic service, in the DCM press the square red Stop button or select Service/Stop system (ctrl+T).  Normally you will not have to run the DCM in normal operations since CALLMaster automatically starts up the Dialogic Service every time it starts. 
  4. If there are any errors messages that pop up during startup check the Event Viewer in the “Administrative Tools on the Start/Program button.  There you can view the System, Security, and Application Logs for any message reports made by the Operating system or CALLMaster (Application Log).    

Once the DCM shows the Status of Running, you can proceed to Step 3: CALLMaster Software Installation.