Step 3: CALLMaster Software Installation

You an install CALLMaster from our website or use the CD-Rom provided by SpeechSoft.

Make sure you have the Prerequites and the Dialogic System Software installed before proceeding to install CALLMaster software.

You must be logged in as the local Administrator.  
If you are using remote terminal services, you must access the console session 0 to install.  To do so, at a command prompt type c:\>"mstsc /console" to connect to the console session.

3.1. If installing from the website
You must download the CALLMaster software from our website to install CALLMaster.  This install includes 2 additional software components:- Microsoft SQL Express and Visual C++ Runtime Libraries.

  1. Create a new folder in My Documents – e.g. CMSetup.
  2. Save the downloaded file in the new CMSetup folder.
  3. Extract the files from the zip file to the folder CMSetup.
  4. Check that the CMSetup folder contains the following folders and files. If not then repeat the Step 3.1.3.
    1. 2 Folders:- .\SqlExpress\; .\WindowsInstaller4_5\
    2. 6 Files:- autorun.ini; CMInstall.msi; CMSetup.exe; Setup.exe; InstallGuide.pdf; SetupInstructions.rtf
  5. Open the CALLMaster Setup folder created “CMSetup and run CMSetup.exe by double clicking it.
  6. Proceed with the installation as detailed in Step 3.3.3 below.


3.2. If installing from the CD-Rom

  1. Insert the CD-Rom to initiate the CALLMaster installation.
  2. Proceed with the installation as detailed in Step 3.3.3 below.


3.3. Install CALLMaster Software
NOTE: The Dialogic software drivers must be installed before CALLMaster can operate.
               If you have not done so yet this is a good time to install the Dialogic drivers (refer to Step 2).

  1. You are then given a message box with a notice that:
    1. You must be logged in as the local Administrator and
    2. The “DotNet3.5SP1 Framework software” is installed as per Step #1. “Preparing your computer for CALLMaster installation.”  Press ‘OK’ to continue.
  2. The "Windows Installer 4.5" license will be displayed if it needs to be installed.  Review and click 'Accept' to continue.
  3. If it is not already installed on the computer, you will get the “SQL Express License Agreement”, review and  click ‘Accept’ to continue.
  4. The "Windows Installer 4.5" will install first.  Once installed, the set-up will require a reboot of the system before proceeding.  Close and save all files on the PC then choose 'Yes' to reboot.
  5. After the system has restarted, the CALLMaster installation will automatically continue with the “SQL Server 2008 Express Edition" installation. 
    The SQL Server installation will take 10-15 minutes.
  6. When the SQL Server installation is complete the CALLMaster Setup Wizard will start. 
    The CALLMaster License Agreement is presented, review and select “I Agree” to confirm agreement with the terms of the CALLMaster License Agreements, then press ‘Next’ to continue.
  7. In the next window “Select Installation Folder”, make sure that install CALLMaster for “Everyone” is selected. 
    By default “C:\Program Files\CALLMaster\” folder is select and recommended for installation, then press ‘Next’ to start the installation.

When the “Installation Complete” window is presented, click ‘Close’ to exit.


CALLMaster is configured at installation time to run automatically as a service every time the computer is restarted. You can control this setting through the Services window on the Windows XP, Win 7, Vista or 2003/2008 Server Control Panel.

During installation, CALLMaster will install SQL Server 2008 Express with the CALLMaster database files (CALLMasterSQL.mdf and CALLMasterSQL_Log.ldf) attached.  These files are located by default in the C:\Program Files\CALLMaster\Data folder.  See Advanced Set-up for CALLMaster Database for details.

The CALLMaster Manager provides a front end to this database.

Be sure to read the release notes at installation time. They will make you aware if the latest issues with this release and alert of any undocumented features and known bugs. Also check the web site for the latest release information.

CALLMaster License File

Install your CALLMaster License File in your CALLMaster\Data folder.  CALLMaster versions older than 3.5 may still use the parallel printer port or USB port license key. If you do not have a license key or file, CALLMaster will run in demo mode.

IP Network Configuration and Settings

For CALLMaster to work in a IP environment the configuration file CMVOIP.cfg must be setup to match the VOIP Network setting.  See IP Configuration for details


If you run into any problems, you can Uninstall and Reinstall CALLMaster.

NOTE: Running Anti-Virus software on the CALLMaster computer could stop CALLMaster. See Anti-Virus Conflict for details.