Voice Mail - Main Menu - Administrator Options


The system administrator maintains the CALLMaster system, making sure speech files, databases, and configuration settings are correct, monitoring hardware and phone lines, and performing routine maintenance on the hard disk.

The administrator or administrators can perform certain functions from a touch-tone phone through one or more system administrator mailboxes. CALLMaster comes with a Mailbox record whose Mailbox # is '0000', Password is '0000' and Type is 'Administrator'.

Password security is critical in an administrator mailbox: Change the password! Those who are very security conscious should create a new administrator box and change the 0000 box to a ‘user’ or ‘announcement’ mailbox. Do not delete box 0000, because CALLMaster will recreate it with administrator privileges. Neither should you change its status to ‘deactivated’ because that deactivates the entire system. Keep in mind that box 0000 is the default voice mailbox unless you change the Voice Mail Parameter ‘Default Mailbox’.

To use the Administrator Option Features, you need to Log in to CALLMaster.