Walkthrough: Change Parameter and Apply Change Without Restarting CALLMaster Service

CALLMaster parameters can be update via either the Manager or the Main Window.  If you want the change to take effect without having to stop and restart the CALLMaster service, then use the CALLMaster Main Window to update the Parameters.

During this walkthrough, you will learn to change the log level in the Logging Parameter using the Main Window.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

Update Logging Parameter via the CALLMaster Main Window.

Open the CALLMaster Main Window. Click on Parameters, then select Logging.  Double click on the parameter below to change their values.

Close the Logging Parameters window making sure to save the changes.

The change will be applied to the next call.

Test that the Parameter change has been applied

Depending on the parameter, you may be able to view the change in the Log file.  In this example, you should be able to see additional call details printed at the end of the log file.