Using CALLMaster Tour - CALLMaster Manager


The main purpose of the CALLMaster Manager is to manage the CALLMaster Database.  You can also Stop and Start the CALLMaster Service via the Manager.

Use the CALLMaster Manager | Manage function to maintain the CALLMaster Data tables
or the CALLMaster Manager | Parameter function to manage the CALLMaster Parameter tables. 
See CALLMaster Manager for details.

Screen Configuration and Record Management Capabilities

You can view the the CALLMaster Manager Screen Configuration and then select the desired table to:

Add Records

Delete Records

Modify/Edit Records


As we will be modifying several of the CALLMaster tables, it would be best to Stop CALLMaster Service before proceeding.


The first table we'll look at is the ‘Phone Ports’ table.


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