To enable fax capability using CALLMaster software, you need to purchase:
1) the CALLMaster Fax Software license, and
2) the Dialogic Fax type board.
Contact your SpeechSoft Sales Representative for more information.

Fax Tone Detection - Define Global Tone for Fax

For the Dialogic board to detect a fax tone, we need to define the tone settings in the Global Tones table.

Open the CALLMaster Manager. Click on Manage, then select Global Tones.  If there is an record for a Fax tone, then just verify the setting.  If not then Add a record to this table with values as below.

Global Tones
Tone Type Characteristic Detection Mode Translation Frequencies (Hz) Cadence (10ms)
Translate to Char Character Tone 1 Freq Tone 1 Dev Tone 2 Freq Tone 2 Dev On Time On Time Dev Off Time Off Time Dev Minimum Repetition Count
Fax Single Tone Leading Edge Yes F 1100 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

Inbound Faxes can be received automatically to a mailbox (default or selected by caller) via Voice Mail, Attendant or Audiotex or to a specified file name via Audiotex.  All inbound faxes are logged to the FaxReceived table.

Outbound Faxes can be sent via custom Audiotex/CALLBasic applications or via the Out Dial functionality.  Documents can be faxed directly to the fax machine from where the call was made supporting one-call faxing or to faxed a new number entered by the caller supporting two-call faxing. 
Outbound fax activity can be logged to the FaxSendActivityLog table

Managing Faxes details information required to maintain outbound fax documents.